Exhibition Strategy: The Future

The Guardian’s Media Network (GMN) is a forum for people in the exhibition industry that are interested in exhibition strategy. When you think that ‘exhibitions’ are just one line item on a marketing budget, an organisation’s exhibition strategy must be integrated within the wider marketing mix.  The Guardian’s Media Network connects globally-minded marketing professionals who are looking for content, contacts and connections that will give them the edge with their exhibition strategy.

The area of events, conferences and exhibitions was at the centre of the debate on GMN earlier this month.  Specifically, the debate focused on events and exhibition strategy and whether business to business media will be venturing further in.  Furthermore, if B2B media were to get more involved within events and exhibitions, how can they get people to pay to attend exhibitions?  In addition, how could they encourage businesses to pay to exhibit?

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The debate raised many interesting points.  Firstly, there was general agreement that there is a lot of scope for publishers and B2B media to become much more involved in the exhibitions, conference and events space.   The consensus is that ‘Face to Face’ (F2F) engagement with a brand is key to a good exhibition strategy.   Furthermore, when visitors attend a conference or exhibition they expect to be sold to.  Consequently, brands are looking for new ways to engage with visitors and improve the visitor experience.

Digital engagement is the new buzz phrase in the exhibitions industry because it is helping organisations to enhance rather than replace human interaction.  Social media and its use both before and after an event is becoming more important in the measuring the success of a particular event.

Another trend is emerging it seems.  Within the events arena, more and more B2B publishers and conference organisers are investing in smaller scale events as a strategic tool.  Mini exhibitions are being used more and more to bridge the gap between a handful of pop up stands and the huge financial commitment of launching a full scale exhibition.

Our own modular exhibition stand range has been designed with such flexibility in mind.  From small panel displays to large 200m2 conference platforms, our modular exhibition stand solution allows organisation to scale their exhibition presence as required.  We have carefully considered our clients requirements and have a clear exhibition strategy with  CROSSwire and TRUSSwire, these solutions have proved this and won international awards for their strength, durability and flexibility.

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