Making Your Exhibitions Interactive

Its always going to be one of the main objectives of attending an exhibition – enticing people to your stand. 

One of the best ways to do so is to make your exhibition stand interactive in some way – people can’t help but stop and get involved, and seeing crowds around your stand will just draw more and more people in! 

Here are some of our top methods for making your exhibition stand interactive. 

Games and Competitions 

This can be done so simply – as simply as just bringing an Xbox or Nintendo Wii and encouraging people to play a game – just try and make it relevant to your company to make sure people remember your services. If you have the budget, have a short game designed for you! Encouraging people to have fun and try something out is always likely to yield great results. 

In terms of competitions, people love winning free things, so this is an easy way to capture their attention.  

It’s probably easier to make competitions relevant to your company (you can give a free trial of your products or services as the prize which instantly fulfils this criteria) so it’s always a great idea to choose to ensure you can draw people in and drive participation. 

VR and AR 

Any form of new or rarer technology is bound to pique people’s interest. There are so many great ways you can incorporate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into your exhibitions. 

If you’re a car salesman for example, you could utilise VR to give the customer the experience of test driving a particular make or model, or use AR to show them how the car looks and zoom into individual features and controls if you’re unable to bring a physical model into the exhibition space! 


A technology that is not seen widely yet, but can be very effective, are location beacons. Designed to work with apps and push notifications, beacons can guide people to your stand, benefitting from being able to accurately pinpoint locations down to a specific aisle of a supermarket. 

Say you’re holding a demonstration on the top floor of an event spanning 2 floors, you could program the beacon to send a push notification to all those within a certain distance 10 minutes before said demonstration to remind them to make their way to your stand in time. 

When used to maximum effect, beacon technology can be incredibly useful at redirecting traffic at crucial moments, and the connection between business and customer creates a level of interactivity, making it the perfect element to introduce to your stand that can have huge effects without a huge effort being involved. 

Smartphone Compatibility 

People nowadays are glued to their smartphones. Some of the most savvy exhibition stands harness this and use the smartphone as an essential tool in making an exhibition stand interactive. 

Include QR codes around your stand, whether on your business card, or on specific products you have on show directing customers right to that product’s page on your website. This utilises people’s desire to be on their phone and is one way you can see your interaction rate skyrocket. 

Social Media 

One of the simplest and easiest ways to encourage interaction with your stand at an exhibition, social media can be a powerful tool that everybody will want to get involved with. 

Prompting attendees to join in with a hashtag specific to your company or stand is a great way to encourage an attendee to interact with your business. The hashtag should both act as a way to promote your business, but also to act as a platform capable of starting a conversation and prompting people to join in with this. 

You could then display the posts surrounding this hashtag on a screen or display around your stand, featuring visitor profiles and making them a part of your stand. 

You could also live stream your event on Twitter or Facebook to increase your audience to those not attending, and encourage interaction via social sharing from these people at home too, even if they’re not directly interacting with your business at the event.  

For more ideas on how to spruce up your exhibition stand, take a look at what we can do for you.