Case Study: X-10 CROSSwire Stand for WNW Digital

WNW Digital are a digital marketing and web development agency, providing their expertise to customers in a range of business sectors. They recently used our X-10 CROSSwire stand at the East Devon Means Business show in Exmouth and were kind enough to share their experience.

The X-10 CROSSwire is a modular exhibition stand, so can be rearranged to fit different floor space and reach different heights, according to your space available. It is great for display towers and point of sales displays, and can also be used not only indoors but outdoors as well.

“The stand was a HUGE hit and got many positive comments, we made sure to reference 200m2 each time.” – Nigel Wilkinson, Managing Director at WNW Digital

WNW Digital rearranged their stand to fit their space by leaving off one of the sides, however they still used the tower to make their stand the noticeable. They could completely customize how big or small they wanted their stand and where they wanted to place the detached table.

“The stand drew a lot of interest at the relatively small trade show, with lots of questions asked about it and if it was easy to assemble. Assembling the stand didn’t take long and with a few pairs of hands it was up in no time. We found the extra time was more than worth it for the attention the stand and in turn our marketing services gained.” – Tierney Crocker, part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital.

We would love to hear from you if you’ve used any of our equipment for your exhibitions, and if you would like any more information about the X-10 CROSSwire contact us.