How Can Instagram Help You at Your Next Exhibition?

Instagram is increasingly becoming one of the key social media platforms for businesses alongside Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Previously there has been a question mark over Instagram in terms of how useful it actually is for businesses, but with new features like on-app shopping and swipe links, it’s one to watch.

So, how and why should you be using Instagram for your next exhibition? We have the complete run-down for before, during and after the show to ensure you’re getting the most out of your stand.

Before the Event

There is so much to do and organise before you attend an exhibition, so social media may be the last thing on your list, but it’s actually one of the first things that you should be doing.

Little things like announcing your attendance can make all the difference and help raise awareness of the event to your audience. Remember, your social audience isn’t just your clients and you may have a prospect ready to buy amongst your followers.

Use Instagram stories to help encourage people to buy tickets, you can add a swipe up link directly to the event page. Stories work really well because it’s bitesize information which makes it so much more digestible for consumers and therefore more effective.

The event organisers will likely have set up and be using a hashtag to promote the event, jump on this and start tagging your posts and stories with this. This will help you reach a wider audience of attendees and other exhibitors before you’ve even step foot through the door.

Hashtags are also a really good way to scope out who will be there, this could be other exhibitors (remember these people are also business owners and could be looking for your service), or people attending. You can start interacting with like-minded people, or companies who are in your target market.

During the Event

You’re going to be busy at the exhibition, but make sure you bring a good team of people with you to help with this. However, just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you should forget about Instagram.

You’ve been working hard to raise awareness and get involved in the event community so don’t miss out on the opportunity to reap the rewards of this work.

Keep your followers updated with stories throughout the day, they will take you minutes to create but using the right hashtags could double the footfall at your stand. If you have any competitions, exciting news or even just a really good USP, make sure you’re posting all about it.

Encourage the people who visit your stand to follow your Instagram to behind the scenes content and top tips from your expert team. You could even announce the competition winner or provide VIP access to a new product for your Instagram followers.

After the Event

The hard work must be over now, right? Well, not quite, there is still more that can be done!

If you’ve attended your fair share of exhibitions in the past, you may have heard the phrase “follow up is key”, and it’s true. However, following up with prospects and clients from the event doesn’t have to mean a phone call.

You may want to phone the leads who are ‘hot’ and you want to get a meeting in the diary, but actually following everybody on Instagram and sending them a DM can be useful as well.

You’ll be likely to get a follow returned, so even if they’re not ready to buy now, you’ve got a ticket into their newsfeed. So, when they’re ready to make the purchase, who’s going to come to mind? You, the company that they see on their Instagram every week, who they trust.


It may be time to start your business Instagram account if you haven’t already, and if you’re still looking for a show-stopping stand, contact our team of stand experts.