Our flight cases for transporting equipment safely

Storing and transporting equipment can be an issue for a lot of our customers, which is why we have designed the flight case. This is a completely unique and collapsible storage solution that can house your exhibition stand or any other equipment you may use.

The F-10 flightCASE is a modular case that comes as either a ready to use case or alternatively in the form of a self-assembly kit.

The kit includes 6 panels with click on clips so there are no tools required in the assembly process. This process allows you to transport and ship the case with ease and assemble in the desired location, rather than being tied to a large bulky case.

This case is made using high quality wheels and bulky edge modules to provide a high impact strength and durability.

All of the modules, panels and all assembly elements are manufactured in our Denmark factory. This means that any special demand is possible, such as a size or choice of colour, and lead times can be very short.

Here is an example of a special demand case, this is an extra-large custom-made flight case, with the dimensions: 250x110x140 (LxWxH)

Check out this extra large custom made flight case.Inner dimensions: 250x110x140 (LxWxH).

Posted by X-Module A/S on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

If you would like any more information about this brand-new storage solution then please get in touch. Alternatively , visit our product page for more information and enquiry form.