What should you be including on your Stand Banners?

The banners on your stand is what holds all the key information and this is what will attract people over to your stand, this is the customer’s first impression of you. So, what should you be including in your banners?


This may seem like an obvious thing to include on a banner but this is the main way of identification for your customer, they will recognise your brand and your services just by this symbol. You will want to position your logo near the top of your banner so it is visible at all times from your location.  Make sure it is a good quality image of your logo and that it is large enough to be seen at a distance.

It is best to position this at the top of your banners and central so it is easy to see.

Contact Details

This point is important to include, although bear in mind that you want people to get most of the details from you and your team rather than your stand. This way you can arrange to phone them at a convenient time giving you more time to sell your products and services to them.

This being said it is still important to include some contact details, usually just your website and phone number will be enough for your stand. Make sure these are in a large, bold text so visitors can easily identify these.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity can consist of colours, fronts and images that represent your company. These will be the colours that you use on all your marketing and a tool to make your company recognisable.

Using your brand colours and font throughout your banners helps create a chbetween you and your stand. Your brand identity also includes any messages or catch phrases that your company has. This could help people remember you.

Remember to put any key messages at eye level, this way people are more likely to read them.


An offer that is available to the people you meet at an exhibition can be a great way to entice people to your stand and a brilliant talking point. Putting an offer in large text on your banner means people can spot this from a distance and will hopefully be inclined to come over and enter.

Images and Graphics

We have all heard the saying “an image is worth 1,000 words” but, this is a great motto to live by for your banners. You do need some text on your banner but a great picture or graphic can do a lot of the talk for you, for example a lifestyle photo showing a family enjoying a sunny break may be great for a holiday company.

Make sure your image is high quality and not pixelated even when it is enlarged to fit your banner. Pick a great image that is related to your business, this can make your banner more eye catching and help draw the eye which in turn means that people will read the text on your banners.

A high quality banner can do all the talking for you, take a look at the design services we offer for your exhibition stand banners here.