Using Social Media to create a buzz for your stand

Before an exhibition show social media is going to be your best friend to create an interest around your stand. Creating that buzz is going to be what gets people to your stand, engaging them before you even open your mouth. Not only is social media going to help you before but it’s also going to be useful during the show.

Using Hashtags

Shows and Exhibitions usually have their own official hashtag which will get your posts seen by both attendees and other companies with stands. It’s a good opportunity to network with people before the show with both other companies and visitors. Interesting content using the hashtag is key, hundreds of people are going to be using the official hashtag, you need to stand out and engage your audience. Although posting your booth number and any giveaways is great, that what all companies will be posting. Find out what the attendees are talking about, what they want to know and give them the answers. Generate your own hashtag to use alongside the official hashtag – this will give people a place to find only your pre-show information if they want.

New Products

A trade show is the perfect opportunity to launch or announce a new product your company offers. Generate interest around the product beforehand, teaser videos and images are great for this. Not giving everything away is going to engage you consumers, making your stand the direct place to find out everything they want to know. Images and videos are best for teasers, you can post them on all social media, reaching the largest audience and using hashtags to reach your intended audience.


Keep all the information for the show easy to access. Direct links to a landing page on your website can be posted across all your social media accounts and left in description bars. All the information such as your booth number and timings can go here – this mean you won’t need to keep posting the same thing, there is a direct link always. Pinned tweets and Facebook posts are also a good tool to keep key information, they will stay at the top of your pages when people go to your social accounts.

What are people using

Researching using hashtags and other company’s social media to find out which form of social media visitors are favouring so you can focus your main attention on that channel. Release information about what your stand will offer, are you doing giveaways? Is there a demonstration? Let your visitors know why they should visit your stand.

During the show

Create a customer engagement

Encouraging people at your stall to use their own social media at and around your stall is going to reach other people at the event but also potential consumers who aren’t there. QR codes, social media icons and quick links are going to be useful to have on and around your stall. Filters are a quick way of people engaging with your stall but also promoting your business so using apps like snapchat and Instagram will work in your favour.
Pictures and videos of willing customers at your stall will give an impression of what your stall is about and why they would think about going there. It’s engaging your visitors at the stand as they’re apart of the social accounts for the company.

Good Content

Although it’s important to promote your stand, people want to see something different. For example, if the exhibition you’re attending has talks you could attend one that is most relevant to your customers and live tweet/Facebook with highlights of the talk. This will also engage an audience who aren’t at the show but who could be potential customers.

If you like the idea of using QR codes and integrating your social media on the stand, then 200m2 can help. Get in touch with us for our stand services and custom designs we can create for you.