Why You Should Consider Hiring Stand Design for an Exhibition

Planning an exhibition and acquiring a stand can take a huge chunk of your time, not to mention the time then spent on exhibition and graphic design for your stand.

Luckily, there are providers out there who can do this for you – from creating your corporate branding to your banners and graphics, to your carpets, furniture and electricity needs.

Outsourcing and hiring these exhibition stand designers can have a huge impact on the preparation of your exhibition.

So, why might this be something for you to invest in?

Reinforced Branding

Having an outsider create your marketing exhibition materials means they’re designing with one goal in mind – keeping your brand consistent through any materials or equipment you need.

Consistency is key here – all your materials need to reflect the message you want to convey.

Having particular experience of exhibitions and designs that have worked for certain businesses before can inform your stand design, and make it as relevant and optimised for brand awareness as possible.


If you’re hiring somebody else to take over the design of your exhibition stand, it saves you time worrying about exactly this!

You can then dedicate your efforts to another area of the exhibition planning – perhaps your marketing, or transport plans there, or the follow up plan for the leads and prospects you meet on the day.

Outsourcing the design means this is one less thing to think about, and the chances are your stand will look better than ever – your designer will only have your business in mind throughout.

In the Know

Exhibition stand designers are in possession of all of the knowledge in the exhibition circuit. For this reason, it can really give you a competitive advantage to hire a designer.

They’re likely to know about all the current lead capture techniques, or what technologies are making waves in the exhibition circuit.

Applying this knowledge and insider information to your stand can then result in your business being the most up to date and modern, increasing your chances of attracting more leads.

Bespoke Service

If you outsource your stand design, small elements of your stand can be tweaked to ensure you’re standing out from the crowd in a crowded space.

Also, all of your design will be completely bespoke, custom built and unique – and, if you choose to go for a modular stand, it brings the added benefit of reusability for further exhibitions in the future.

Any great stand designer will also work closely with your size and weight specifications (and your budget!) to meet your specific objectives for each show, increasing the chances of you reaching these goals.

There’s really no reason not to hire exhibition design if you’re really looking to make a difference at your next exhibition. Leaving the technical element to an experienced professional leaves time for your to focus on your exhibition strategy, only to be wowed with a fantastic design at the same time.

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