How To Use Branding On Your Exhibition Stand

Knowing how to use your brand to appeal to an exhibition audience could make the difference between coming back with many leads and coming back with none. Here we look at how best to use your brand in the right way to appeal to the exhibition attendees.

Be Prepared

Do your research beforehand. Every exhibition centre has its own regulations and feel. Gauge what the general demographic of clients is going to be like and cater your stand experience to appeal best to them.

For instance, if the demographic at a specific exhibition are likely to be looking for stability and dependability more, you might focus on some of your taglines that give this feeling, and ensure these are front and centre on your stand design.

If your audience are going to be drawn more by a punchy and vivid effect then you might want to go for a bright splash of colour where it’s highly visible.

Make use of all opportunities and comply with the exhibition regulations. Make sure to use all the space on offer to your stand and take a look at the floor plan beforehand to understand the best way to structure your experience.


Thoroughly brief all staff members on how to act and what to advertise. If you have different products, make a plan of how and when you would like different staff members to showcase them depending on their specific strengths.

Exhibition stands can often be stressful and pretty hectic. It is therefore essential that staff members work well together to best represent your brand. Teamwork will help you reach more potential customers.

Brand Consistency

Your brand will be on full display so it’s imperative that all aspects of the exhibition link together clearly.  Keep consistency between all brand colouring throughout the stand. Additionally, don’t neglect staff uniform. Whether that be clothing with the company logo or standardised smart attire.

Follow Up

Your brand is not only on display while you are at the exhibition, key revenue generation happens after the event has taken place. Therefore, it is critical for your communications to be both consistent with the brand on show at the exhibition and easy for prospect clients/customers to get in touch. When contacting them ensure the branding and taglines you focused on at the show are evident in emails, letters or mentioned in phone calls.

Hand out plenty of leaflets, brochures and general merchandise with your company’s contact information, too, to ensure people remember you.

If you tie everything together, and do your research to ensure you’re driving the right message, you can make your brand work to pull in exactly the customers you want.

For more on incorporating branding into your stand design, take a look at what we can do for you.