Exhibition Stand Wi-Fi: The key to success?

Already the world’s largest technology show, the three-day Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas will be the biggest in the event’s 49-year history.  Over 150,000 people are expected from 150 countries.

The theme of CES 2016 seems to be ‘smart’ everything.  Think ‘smart’ and it seems you will find it everywhere: smart scales, smart thermometers, smart suit steamers, smart pill packs, smart ski jackets, and the world’s first smart shoe, the Digitsole.exhibition wifi from 200m2

Shawn DuBravac, chief economist of organisers the Consumer Technology Association, said: “We expect 20,000 new products to debut at CES this year – and at least 75 per cent, if not all of them will have sensors. Sensors have really exploded in the last two years.”

It seems that the world is set to run and be controlled by the smart phone. Very soon we will even be able to control smart cameras in our fridges.  Never again will we have to wonder whether we have run out of milk!

However, one thing underpins all this technology and that is the ability to transmit and receive data.  And in most cases this means Wi-Fi.  Logically therefore, every single exhibition stand at CES 2016 is going to be totally dependent on the Wi-Fi infrastructure within the exhibition hall. Without reliable Wi-Fi, exhibitors will not be able to effectively demonstrate their products and sales may be lost as a consequence.

Exhibition Stand Wi-Fi from 200m2If connectivity is crucial for the success of your next exhibition, make sure you ask the organisers about the reliability and track record of their Wi-Fi service.  That’s because each time an exhibition hall is built up or broken down, the Wi-Fi signal will be affected as a result.  What guarantees can they offer?

The alternative is to arrange for your own Wi-Fi service which is completely seperate from the service provided by the ehibition venue.  This will give you useful redundancy if the hotspot provided by the venue struggles to cope.

As one of the leading exhibition stand contractors in the UK, 200m2 can help ensure your Wi-Fi signal won’t let you down when it really counts. To discuss this or an other aspect of your exhibition stand programme, please call us on 020 333 200 92.