Why Should You Consider Using a Flight Case for Your Stand?

When managing your exhibition stand, there are many factors to consider when planning and setting up your space. Getting to the exhibition is more often than not, one of the last things that we all arrange, but what if this could cause damage to your stand?

Hiring flight cases to transport your exhibition stand is an easy way to make sure your goods are protected and compact for easy transportation.


Whatever exhibition stand you choose to use for the big day, whether it’s one of our smaller models or it contains some of the more advanced and additional features, it’s going to be a relatively large and heavy selection of equipment.

Hiring flight cases for your stand makes it easy to carry your equipment to and from your event. The bulky edges on our exclusive cases provide high-impact strength to ensure that your equipment can be transported with ease.

One of their main benefits is their easy handling which is particularly helpful in transporting the flight cases. The handles and wheels make this easy to do, along with their relatively light-weight structure, in comparison to some of the other transport case alternatives.

Due to the wide range of different exhibition stands, flight cases are available to hire as ready to use models or in the form of an ‘easy to assemble’ kit, considering convenience and ease when setting up your stand.


Available in a range of sizes, flight cases can ensure that you’re creating an efficient use of your space when transporting your goods, rather than having an oversized case, taking up more room than is required.

Another benefit in hiring a custom-sized flight case is that you’re only spending as much as you need to store your stand, designed to be compact and light-weight.

At 200m2, our flight cases can be created in a range of colours. Both the panel and durable edges can be customised on request to match your unique branding and coordinate successfully with the rest of your stand.


Being an accessory to your exhibition stand and marketing, it is understandable that you are not going to want to make a huge investment in storing and transporting your equipment. This is why flight cases are a low-priced alternative to some of the other storage options available.

Most importantly, this will allow you to focus your budget on more important aspects of your exhibition space like marketing, equipment and staff.


For more information on the convenience flight cases could bring for your exhibition stand or if you want to find out about what flight cases we have to offer, you can get in touch with us at 200m2 at sales@200m2.co.uk.